Where to find feis music

Once you’ve located audio, videos, & sheet music to learn, see if you recognize any tunes that you already play & include those on your tune list. Also note the tempos (bpm) & dance levels for the tunes.

Printed sheet music

There are a couple of feis specific tune books floating around out there. I believe that both are currently out of print, but you may be able to find used copies.

The Feis Musicians Handbook by Tom Hastings

All the Competition Set Dances by David James

Online Sheet Music

Tunebooks that have been digitized:

ITMA Collections

Pete Braccio’s links to Tunebooks (pdfs)

Kingston Irish Session Tunebook (Interactive, click on tune titles)

Dances of Donegal

Paddy O’Brien’s

Bernie Stocks’ The Microphone’s Rambles Book 1 & Book 3

John Walsh’s Session Tunes

Pipers Club

King Sreet Sessions Tunebook

Finbarr’s Tunebook

Blarney Stone Pub Tunebook

Heather’s Tunebook

Individual tunes can be found at websites such as:

The Session


Nigel Gatherer’s Traditional Music

Henrick Norbeck’s ABC Tunes

The Traditional Tune Archive

O’Neills Dance Music of Ireland (works best in horizontal view)


YouTube has videos & recordings that you can listen to, slow down, & play along with. A search for ‘feis music’ will return playlists such as these. I would recommend watching all of the NAFC learning videos made by Ryan G. Duns, then move on to other lists:

Online Feis Music

Gerry Conlon’s Online Feis Music (streaming tracks)

Irish Dance Music Apps



Other Subscription Music Apps

Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, & Soundcloud may also have recordings of Irish dance music. You’ll just need to search in the app for ‘Irish dance music’ or ‘Feis music’. If you’re lucky, you may find playlists that other people have compiled.

MP3s, CDs, Albums, Cassettes

Some recordings commonly used by dance schools that you can purchase:

Step Into The Beat

One More Time

Music for Irish Dancing

Step This Way

Total Irish Dancing

Feis Strings

Music for the Feis

At the Feis

Irish Dance Party

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