Feis – (pronounced “FESH”) an Irish word that means festival, but is more commonly used to describe a sanctioned Irish dance competition Feiseanna – plural of feis, pronounced “FESH-nah” Oireachtas – (pronounced “O-ROCK-tus”) an Irish word that means gathering, but within the context of Irish dance generally refers to the Regional Championships Majors – championshipContinue reading “TERMS RELATED TO IRISH DANCE COMPETITIONS”

Fáilte! Welcome!

I’m excited that you’re interested in becoming a feis musician. It’s a challanging but rewarding experience. Please note that the observations listed here are just a general guideline to get you started & they apply primarily to my experiences playing for feiseanna in the Midwestern region of America. You should research the specific rules ofContinue reading “Fáilte! Welcome!”